The island of Isola Bella has harbored the legends of the Noble Borromeo family for several centuries. Now, the legendary status continues on with Louis Vuitton as Nicolas Ghesquière docked the transformative 2024 Cruise Collection on the Italian terrain.

Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Inspired by underwater creatures and contemporary tales of the island, models were adorned head to toe in oceanic colors of aquamarines, coral pinks, and all shades of blues. Outfits with seashell-like shapes, rippled patterns mimicking those of waves, and warrior-esque headpieces encrusted in pearls and feathers added to the water fantasy element of the collection. With this “Under the Sea” approach, some models even wore face masks resembling aquatic dwellers with big fish eyes and colorful, metallic details.

Models sashayed down the pebbled runway with all kinds of accessories, ranging from bedazzled belts, scuba tank bags, and regal-like capes. There were skirts that resembled fish netting and jackets laced with silver chains and gold anchor buttons. Flared and ruffled tops mixed with a matching skirt set or sheer patterned pants made the outfits cohesive while keeping to the aquatic theme. Rounded skirts with seashell embellishments felt reminiscent of mermaids and ending the show with pastel-draped dresses mixed with pouf sleeves and swingy hems gave definition to what a deep-sea royal throne could look like.

In a narrative roused by dreamy and stylistic interpretations of aquatic creatures abandoning life in the sea for one on land, Ghesquière combined the mysteriousness of the lake and the fantasy elements of such creatures to create couture-level shapes and fuel his imagination for the aquatic collection. Between different paradoxical notions of fantasy and reality, femininity and masculinity and creatures and humans, Ghesquière finds a balance between the strange and familiar.

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