A New Moon is Here: Here’s How to Use it To Your Advantage

February 1st is the night of a New Moon. Here are some tips and tricks to get your new beginnings off to a good start.

Every 28-30 days, the moon cycle lands on a new moon. A black orb, outlined by the white glow of the sun, sits in the sky above. In astrological terms, the new moon is the alignment of the moon and the sun, the start of a new lunar cycle, and a beacon of new beginnings. It is during this time that self-reflection, goal setting, and altering your life course are focused on, and new habits and life changes are started. To get the most out of this new moon, here are nine things to try to help make the most out of the moon’s energy. 

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Set New Intentions

With a new moon, comes new energy. Use this restart to hone in on intentions that will propel your life forward. Take some time to sit down and write clear and concise intentions for what you want for yourself. Think: “Get a new job that will bring me more fulfillment, and a higher salary than my current job.” Clear and concise intentions tell the universe exactly what you want, without leaving room for interpretation. They keep you aligned with your true desire, and allow you to attract what you actually want. 

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Go on A First Date 

As the universe brims with positive energy and new beginnings, what better way to start a new chapter than with a first date. Take the leap of faith and say yes to that date you’ve been considering, or to that person who has just walked into your life. Who knows what the possibilities could bring? 


Begin Something New

As the most fertile phase of the moon cycle, the new moon is the perfect time to plant new seeds. Start that new project you’ve been thinking of, pick up a new hobby, or apply for that new job. Whatever new thing is going to bring you joy and put you on the right track, the new moon is the time to start. 

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Clean and Cleanse Your Space

Let the bad vibes go, and bring in the good. To start the new moon on the right path, take this time to make your own space full of positivity. Whether it’s cleansing through sage, or getting rid of reminders of negativity, create a peaceful and mindful space for yourself to relax and mediate. 

Say Yes to New Opportunities, People, and Experiences 

The new moon is all about a welcoming of new. Saying yes to new opportunities or experiences that may arise or yes to hanging out with new people allows the universe to bring you what you’re looking for. Take the chance and be vulnerable, you never know what the outcome might be. 

Image Courtesy of Sardana Cherry

Say Goodbye to the Haters

Leave those negative nellies in the last moon phase. If there are people in your life who are bringing you down, take this time to cut those times. Life’s too short for negative people, so use the new moon as an excuse to take care of your soul and let those haters go. 

Image Courtesy of Anne-Laure Mais

Out With the Old, In With the New 

It’s time for a refresh. Take this time to go through your belongings and declutter your space. Whether it’s doing a complete closet clean out, or going through items you no longer need, get rid of those old items and make space for the new things the new moon will bring. 

Clear and Charge Crystals 

Crystals absorb the energy that surrounds them. While it’s important to make sure you’re constantly clearing your crystals to prevent them from holding onto stagnant or negative energy, the new moon provides the perfect setting. Take your crystals and let them cleanse in the new moonlight to allow for new positive energy to be absorbed. After cleansing, hold your crystal in your hands and focus your energy into setting a new intention for this crystal. 

Do a Self Care Routine 

With every new beginning, it’s important to take care of yourself in the process. For this new moon, do a self care routine. Whether that’s checking in with your mental health, getting chores done you’ve been putting off, or taking the time to do a full skincare routine, put yourself first. 


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