A Pop Star in Love: Singer MAX Releases New Single with a Romance V Can Only Dream Of

“IT’S YOU” feat. Keshi is a modern love song, backed by a story from the heart

Born from the bedroom of sleepy lovers on a dewy Sunday morning, the newest drop of singer MAX—of recent hits “Gucci Bag” and “Wasabi”—is kicking off September with smooth, delicate vocals laced over soft beats and a rhythmic acoustic guitar. “IT’S YOU,” featuring singer-songwriter Keshi, is swoon-worthy anthem of young, burning love. “Order from that place you like, we don’t need to go outside,” shares the singer. “I keep dreaming there’s a somewhere we grow old together,” adds Keshi.

With love stories perfectly suited to be the inspiration for the dreamy tune, the singers describe their own romances as they influenced the new release. “Keshi and I wanted to create a song that just felt special and intimate,” MAX says. “We both wrote the song for the loves of our lives and we bonded over painting the picture, lyrically, of a love story that’s all about the little moments that feel warm and close in a relationship.”

MAX’s announcement comes just in time for his upcoming tour, sweeping North America from October 17 to December 12. Now, with one more unignorable beat under his belt, the singer is pushing his 1.5 billion stream platform higher and higher— And this time, he’s in love.

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