A Praise To The Modern Mermaid: Bluemarine’s SS23 Collection

Strong, gothic, and heraldic, a sexy Lolita transforms into an enticing mermaid.

Upon first glance at BlueMarine’s collection, notes echo nostalgia from the 2006 film Aquamarine, though through a more adult, seductress lens. She is as mischievous as a Lolita but just as well can transform into an alluring, elusive mermaid. Difficult to resist her charm, creative director Nicola Brognano reflects gothic undertones through the aquatic sensuality of the Bluemarine mermaid. With the palette mirroring the ocean, his latest Spring Summer 2023 collection contemplates liquid and sinuous shapes with jewels oxidized as if they were treasures lost and discovered at sea.

“This collection is, for me, a further evolution of the Blumarine image. She’s a woman with a romantic soul and a gothic aesthetic rooted in the present. It’s the narration of a modern urban mermaid. I wanted to emphasize a darker, studded denim, contrasting with the fluidity of sinuous dresses in georgette and with elaborate crocheted knitwear. It’s an evocative Blumarine, both real and dreamlike.”

Sexy and alluring, the Bluemarine mermaid favors long dresses in impalpable mesh jersey or in smooth, shiny viscose that veils the body. Hems are found in undulating trains – fringes, ribbons, and straps fluctuate like algae. Reflecting amphibious marine creatures, the utilitarian, oversize, and multi-pocket cargos in deělaveě denim become hybrids, transforming into ample skirts; flares are amplified like a mermaid tail. Burnished shells are turned into bra tops – crystal gothic crosses adorn nude mesh T-shirts or dangle from beaded minidresses.

The iconic Bluemarine roses morph into spiraling madrepores, with touches of dark, dramatic undertones blossoming on slinky see-through black jacquard dresses. Now strong, gothic and heraldic, the Bluemarine woman transforms before our eyes.

Watch the full show below:

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