A Ray of Light

While trends may forgo their shine, precious stones certainly never lose their luster. In an ode to the House’s boundary-breaking Bijoux de Diamants collection, Chanel’s latest 1932 high jewelry offering brings archival styles to the forefront, seen here on fashion’s brightest crown jewel, Malika Louback

This story appears in the pages of V138: The Sound of V issue—now available for purchase!


The date was October 24, 1929. Off of an era filled with roaring fashion, the world’s major cities—New York, London, Paris—stood still. While the Great Depression plunged society into tumult—like all global challenges, there remained a beaming light waiting to overtake the overbearing shadow of uncertainty. And in 1930s Paris, that shining gleam in waiting was none other than Gabrielle Chanel.

Shirt CHANEL Soleil Dore necklace (in 18k white gold, 18k yellow gold, diamonds, yellow diamonds) CHANEL HIGH JEWELRY All CHANEL BEAUTY On eyes Le Liner de Chanel in #512 Noir Profond On brows Stylo Sourcils Waterproof in #810 Brun Profond On lips Rouge Coco Baume

Forever ahead of her time, Chanel not only pioneered cutting-edge styles, but also created the world’s first high jewelry collection in 1932: Bijoux de Diamants. Tapped by the London Diamond Corporation—who sought to restore the industry to its pre-Depression sparkle—Chanel unveiled a first-of-its-kind collection centered around the beauty of celestial wonders: comets, shooting stars, moons, and more.

Broadcasting the language of couture to the realm of jewelry, the original offering included over 50 lustrous pieces in shapes meant to mimic the air-like flexibility of ribbons and feathers.

Now, exactly 90 years later, the French house is revisiting the legacy of Mademoiselle Chanel with its 1932 high jewelry collection. Taking cues from the original selection, the range boasts 77 creations, 13 of which are transformable—meant to conform to the body like Chanel’s pliable inspirations.

Leather top CHANEL Lune Solaire ring (in 18k white gold, 18k yellow gold, diamonds, orange spinels) CHANEL HIGH JEWELRY

In the essence of Chanel, the collection includes sapphires, spinels, and white and yellow gold diamonds cut into spiral-like contours. And in a world brimming with confusion, let Chanel’s 1932 high jewelry collection be a dazzling reminder of the power of light in the face of unforeseen darkness.

Swim and cardigan CHANEL Soleil Mademoiselle necklace Pluie de Cometes bracelet Pluie de Cometes ring (all in 18k white gold, diamonds) CHANEL HIGH JEWELRY
Tweed set CHANEL Comete Saphir bracelet Comete Saphir ring (both in 18k white gold, diamonds, sapphires) CHANEL HIGH JEWELRY

This story appears in the pages of V138: The Sound of V issue—now available for purchase!

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