A Solar Eclipse Happening, Here’s what You Need to Know

During Mercury Retrograde, a new moon “ring of fire” solar eclipse is happening. 

Over the past month, we’ve experienced the Super Blood Moon. Now, in the midst of Mercury Retrograde, on early Thursday morning, as the moon blocked the sun and cast a shadow on Earth, a new moon “ring of fire” solar eclipse is happening in Gemini. While a lunar eclipse emphasizes discarding what no longer serves you, a solar eclipse signifies new beginnings and opportunities. 

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Astrologically speaking, the sun is rational. It represents our will and self. Instead, the moon is emotional. It speaks for our emotions and subconsciousness. Moon blocking the sun, a solar eclipse can be interpreted as emotion over ration: during this period, we may be ruled by emotions thus not be able to think rationally. Don’t let your gut guide you. Postpone or double-check for major decisions. But don’t worry too much, the energy of this new moon is too powerful to be neglected. All you need to do is accept and embrace the energy.


One special thing about this solar eclipse is tripled Gemini energy. On June 10, during the solar eclipse, the moon, the sun, and the mercury retrograde are all in the sign of the Twins. You may start to wonder: I need to change. Do you feel enthusiastic about trying out new things to enrich your life? It can be taking art classes, practicing yoga, even changing your makeup styles. Yes, this is the new moon’s energy – it makes you curious, open, and learn something new. Let surprises hit you.


Air is Gemini’s zodiac element. Air’s energy serves as enlightenment. During this time, you may have more “Aha moments.” Maybe you’re inspired by someone around you. Maybe you’re learning from their past experience. Embrace them. These moments can help you avoid lots of problems. As Mercury is still in retrograde, the new moon solar eclipse enables us to ruminate, reflect on the past and plan for the future. But don’t soak yourself in the past. We need to take action for the new beginnings, for the future. Some of the actions require change – chop chop, get ready to change!


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