Keep them on their toes with a trail of goodies that keeps the laughter and the banter going. 

It’s just not enough to book a FaceTime session with your besties. We’ve found ways to manage and stay in touch by sending video messages with funky insta filters that snatch up our face enough to skip hair and makeup. But why not play a little game IRL? Consider a thoughtful, care package curated by you. And no. We’re not suggesting that you order something on Amazon and have it shipped to your friend’s house. When it comes to packaging, V suggests you put your freak on it, and leave a trail of goodies to pique their curiosities. 

Louis Vuitton Étoile Filante

Handwrite a haiku on a postcard and generously spray Louis Vuitton’s Étoile Filante to invite memories and curiosities. Composed by Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, Louis Vuitton’s Étoile Filante grazes his own childhood memories. “Osmanthus absolute was my first revelation among raw materials when, at 11, I discovered it in my father’s laboratory in Grasse. Its marvelous scent, as well as a name that evokes distant horizons, immediately fascinated me,” he recounts.

Rose Los Angeles Autumn 

A delightful sativa treat opens up the mind and body with light laughter and a breezy conversation. Rose Los Angeles creates premium edibles with single strain cold-pressed cannabis in a beautifully packaged box – distinct with each release. With culture, sustainable agricultural practice, and unique flavor profiles top of mind, their latest, Autumn Bright Nectarine with Juniper Berries – is concocted by award-winning chef, Virgilio Martinez. 

Hendrick’s Lunar Gin

A perfect complement to Nectarines and Juniper Berries would be the Moonlight Delight cocktail by Hendricks Lunar Gin. Smooth and alluring, it offers a delicate balance of gentle spice, subtle floral notes with a soft citrus finish. Write up the recipe and clink your glasses on that next zoom session.

Moonlight Delight: 

1 ½ part Hendrick’s Lunar 

1 ½ part Apple Juice 

½ part Lime Juice 

Top with Ginger Beer 

Combine all the ingredients in a wine glass filled with cubed iced. Lightly stir and top with Ginger Beer. Garnish with a slice of apple and cucumber. 

Dior Rouge Dior

Give us any excuse to wear a red lip again without a mask. Dior’s iconic red is offered in both satin and matte textures in shade 999. Easy to get mixed up with 666 for devilish tendencies – day or night and for whom is for you or them to decide. 

Don’t forget to throw in a bundle of sage and some sticks of Palo Santo for good juju. We all need some of that. 

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