A Tree Gets 14 Million Likes On Instagram

Watch out “egg” and Kylie Jenner

In honor of Earth Day on Monday, sustainable apparel brand tentree posted an image of this tree. They pledged to plant a tree for every 10 likes the post received- possibly underestimating the number of responses it would ultimately get. Within 24 hours the post had been overly shared on people’s stories and had been liked by over five million users.

They wrote in an updated post after the initial unexpected surge, “We are absolutely blown away by the response to our Earth Week campaign starting onĀ #EarthDay, and cannot thank the social media universe enough for helping us reach our initial goal of 500,000 trees in UNDER 24 HOURS!”

To put into perspective just how many likes that is, as of now it is currently the 15th most liked picture on the app. Coming before a selfie of Selena Gomez and after a picture of Cristiano Ronaldo’s birth announcement of his son. For it to have made the list and top 20 is as unlikely as it sounds, which is why wondering if the post will keep climbing shouldn’t be ruled out. If by Friday the tree image gets 20 million likes, tentree has promised to plant another 500,000 trees, which put it in second place behind the photo of the egg that pushed Kylie Jenner off the top. Stranger things have happened (like an egg getting 53.3 million likes).


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