A Utilitarian Spring/Summer with Craig Green

With heavenly pastels and structural sets, Craig Green’s new collection is reimagining masculinity

At the intersection of industry and divinity is Craig Green’s Spring/Summer 2023 Collection, the reflection of a lifetime travelled by its wearers. Filled with emotion, symbolism, and sharp lines, the collection tells a story of growth imagined exclusively by its British designer. The first three looks are blank canvases for the unpredictable path to come, all-white silhouettes of blended texture and shape, fastened under belt-like harnesses and strappy accessories.

As color permeates the collection, models emerge in utilitarian cuts—oversized t-shirts and baggy trousers under holographic patches and architectural hats. And the pace only rises as the collection progresses, with a standout ivory halter topping a t-shirt that features a chest eyelet cutout. Adding to a pair of busy zippered pants are more reflective patches, a slouchy bag, and long cylindric cap.

Some looks are more than just allegories of infrastructure, featuring armor-like layers over the models. One all-black ensemble of this kind features an equestrian motif, with hanging stirrups and a ladder in the background.

As the journey slows for just a moment, it’s time for shades of denim to join the game. One jumpsuit set features more chest eyelets and a loose, casual fit.

Not every set is a compilation of cool-toned pieces, though. With the second half of the collection comes a series of pastel pink sets, one a textured masterpiece of quilt and furry knits with an oversized coat and nature-ready shoes.

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