A Witchy Hour With Maggie Rogers and Florence Welch

Maggie Rogers brings South London coven leader on stage during her world tour.

During a winter’s full moon in London, two kindred, flowy-haired singers graced a crowd with their surprise duet, bringing an electrifying magic and enchanting dance moves that only Maggie Rogers and Florence Welch could achieve together.

Rogers, who is currently on a world tour for her debut album Heard It In A Past Life hinted at something unexpected on her Instagram stories, with a text from an unknown sender that read, “I feel like the venue is going to get sucked into a witchy goddess moon vortex and I can’t wait. X” We now know that the sender was South London Forever singer, Florence Welch, who sashayed around the stage with Rogers in a Stevie Nicks style kimono.

The pair sang, predictably in harmony, to Roger’s single Light On at the 02 Brixton Academy to a crowd of 5000- the 24-year-olds biggest headlining show of her career yet. After the show, an Instagram post showed a picture of both artists in sync on stage honoring each other, another of them cuddled up on a sofa together and one of Welch cradling Rogers face in her hands- which further proves what was written (perhaps in the stars?): Maggie Rogers was being inducted into the South London coven. Congrats, we’d like to hope we’re next.

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