A24, the groundbreaking film production and distribution company, proudly presents Beauty of the Beast: A Makeup Manual, authored by renowned makeup artist Emily Schubert. This practical guide offers readers an insider’s glimpse into the world of professional beauty and special effects makeup.

Crafted for novices and seasoned professionals alike, Beauty of the Beast provides step-by-step tutorials and breathtaking photography, offering an exploration of how the human façade can be transformed with simple tools from any makeup kit.

Far beyond a conventional makeup book, this manual serves as a Bible by Schubert, whose illustrious career spans nearly two decades in makeup, special effects, and costume design for film and photography projects. With roots in New York’s indie film scene, Schubert’s expertise has graced projects such as The Sweet East film with Sean Price Williams and Talia Ryder, and more.

This reference guide includes primers on color theory, skin preparation, and facial massage techniques, alongside a pull-out “periodic table” of essential items for your makeup toolkit. Offering inspiration for adventurous makeup artists, the manual features step-by-step instructions on creating an array of effects, from applying tattoos and bald caps to creating scars and tears with mascara.

Schubert reflects on her journey, stating, “This is the book I wish I had as a teenager. Makeup is often associated with beauty and vanity, but this book proposes something different: makeup as a portal to inhabit any character or creature you desire and immortalize them with the help of a camera. This manual distills my years of experience and tricks of the trade into one handy book.”

Beauty Of The Beast by A24 is now available on shop.a24films.com.

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