Accessories of Spring: Retro Sneakers

The Giuseppe Zanotti Ferox sneaker is fiercely retro and infallibly sleek.

This feature appears in VMAN46, available to order now. 

Step into springtime with the freshest kicks—a monochrome, post-modern sneaker by Giuseppe Zanotti. The Ferox is clean, fierce, aerodynamic, with an all-white or all-black finish and tone-on-tone velour inserts. Bold and innovative, the Giuseppe Zanotti Ferox is a daring shoe, innovative down to the very sole, fit for the foot of the urban wanderer. Foot first, this is the retro sneaker for the most confident of treads from heel to toe.

Khadim wears all clothing Amiri / Shoes Giuseppe Zanotti
Jean wears all clothing Dsquared / Shoes Giuseppe Zanotti / Jewelry his own
Logan wears pants Valentino / Shoes Giuseppe Zanotti / Jewelry his own
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