Acne Studios Debuts their Fall/Winter 2021 Face collection

Acne Studios Face collection features French bands Nyokô Bokbaë and Faire along with environmentalists and artists

The Acne Studios Fall/Winter 2021 Face collection explores the concept of the chosen family by embracing common values, creativity, and interests. Photographer Roe Ethridge shot French bands Nyokô Bokbaë and Faire, and a group of environmentalists and a trio of artists. The collection includes unisex garments, accessories and hoses inspire by vintage sportswear, ’00s street wear and workwear. Released in two separate drops, each one heavily features the Face motif.

The first drop’s titled “Basketball” and “Dazzle” took place this week and featured ‘Gaule wave’ band Faire and artist trio Meme, Nini and Tavi. “Basketball” includes puffed contrast stitch Face motif patch, multicolored mesh, marl sweatpants, as well as jersey-inspired tops and flannel-printed sneaker. “Dazzle” includes rhinestone-embellished Face motif patches, updated varsity jacket, t-shirts, and tote bag.

The second drop titled “Bizzarro World Tour” and “Pop” will take place on July 8 featuring French band Nyokô Bokbaë and environmentalists Jane, Lea and Polyka. “Bizzarro World Tour” includes a stencil-sprayed or washed leather Face motif patch, intarsia lambswool knits, crisp poplin, and duffel bags. “Pop” on the other hand has a vibrant yellow and black Face motif patch, beach accessories, and beanies.

In a video that accompanies both drops includes the Face as a yellow and black flashing rectangle that also acts as an early internet-looking icon reminiscent of a ‘90s commercial but done in Acne fashion. Models pose on motorcycles and on a plain set but strange effects and camera close-ups show the collection in a trippy point of view.

Following Acne Studios’ sustainability ambition, 90% of Face collection FW21 is sustainably sourced. All jersey and fleece cotton is organically grown, all knitwear is certified according to Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) and all bags are made of recycled polyester.

The first drop of the FW21 Face collection is currently in Acne Studios stores and on The second drop will be available July 8th.

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