Acne Studios Goes Electric For Fall/Winter 2022 Collection

Acne Studios’ Fall/Winter 2022 collection was a thrilling spectacle brimming with energizing looks representing this season’s emotional patchwork theme.

Acne Studios Fall/Winter 2022 collection premiere at Lycée Carnot as part of Paris Fashion Week was a charged up extravaganza. With a live performance by world-renowned composer and instrumentalist of electronic music, Suzanne Ciani, this season’s debut embodied exploratory innovation. Acne Studios Co-Founder and Creative Director Jonny Johansson showcased an assemblage of homemade evening wear that conveyed a montage of creativity and emotion. The collection’s theme phrase, “an experiment of the materiality which anchors Acne Studios, collaging the familiar into something new,” exhibited garments aligned with this essence.

Models graced the runway in stratified styles, which contained a medley of textiles, while attendees observed in separate, rectangular structures. These garment compositions came together harmoniously, formulating the collection’s fringed dresses, quilted upholstery (trench) coats, distressed crops and their crystal repaired knits, off-the-shoulder, and bustier tops ballgowns. Its accessories encompassed long-sleeved distressed knit gloves reconstructed with crystals, broaches, belt buckles reminiscent of home silverware, and futuristic upturned shades.

This modernistic, reformative approach shone through slouchy denim patchwork totes, super flat ladylike top-handle, 3D oval-sided with silverware clasps, and silver leather mini Musubi bags. Their materials, along with the entire collection, are handmade and homemade with fabrics and intentional alterations comprising patchwork upcycled denim and leather, distressed jersey, cotton knit, silver hand-painted leather, silk crepe, upholstery jacquard, and foam elements.

Jonny Johansson shared the collection’s influence and creative process and his fashion origins to now in a press statement for V. “I was thinking about this idea of emotional patchworking,” he expressed. “When I was a kid, my journey into fashion started when I started cutting things up and putting them back together. This collection is about creating from what is around us, making something new from something familiar. It is about stitching, mending, repairing. It  is not destructive or anarchic – it is about the act of putting things back together, and the beauty of repair.  It is experimenting with the materials at the heart of Acne Studios – denim, leather, jersey, knit – as well as  elevating materials we live with every day.”

Explore Acne Studios Fall/Winter 2022 entire collection and show below.

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