Actress Kristen Rose on Her Passion for Supercars and Living Life in the Fast Lane

Actress Kristen Rose on Her Passion for Supercars and Living Life in the Fast Lane

Actress Kristen Rose on Her Passion for Supercars and Living Life in the Fast Lane

Kristen Rose is an actor, model, and influencer famous for her acting skills and captivating beauty. She has charmed the audience with her stunning performances in the sci-fi film 'Perfect' produced by Steven Soderbergh, My Alien Girlfriend, and Driven Under, which has earned a spot at the Golden State Film Festival 2020. While she has showcased her passion and talent brilliantly, it is a lesser-known fact that Rose is also passionate about supercars.


Rose is fascinated by supercars and loves the thrill of driving them. She enjoys the speed and indulges in the adrenaline rush whenever she can. Drawing parallels between her busy lifestyle and driving supercars, she states, "Living life in the fast lane is amazing and exciting, but you have to make sure you're able to handle the pace and always stay ahead."


Ranked no.111 on IMDb's 2019 Hot Actresses and Beyond list, Rose is creating waves in the entertainment industry and has become the most sought after talent. Born in Quezon City, Philippines, and raised in Houston, Texas, the Filipino-American aspired to become an actress from a very young age. She says, "I chose to pursue acting because I love narrating stories and connecting with people. I enjoy embodying a character and bringing it to life by giving it a unique voice. Acting provides me with the opportunity to connect with the audience on an emotional level and express myself without inhibitions." 

Her unbridled perseverance and hard work to achieve recognition and success earned her representation with LA Talent, who acknowledged her as a promising artist. Apart from movies, the exotic beauty has an impressive career portfolio, modeling for several hair, beauty, and makeup brands, including a commercial for Sephora for the brand Murad. She is also highly invested in her Instagram page posting glamorous pictures of herself, which has gained her massive followers and popularity as an influencer. 


Rose's confidence in herself and a soaring career, has propelled her on the fast lane, and there is indeed no stopping her from reaching her ultimate destination. When she isn't busy in front of the camera, she enjoys exhilarating drives in her favorite supercars.


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