ADEAM Celebrates Japanese Summer Festival Matsuri

The womenswear brand makes merry for its 10th anniversary.

ADEAM is back and better than ever. After going three years without an in-person runway show, the brand returns for the celebration of its 10th anniversary. In the spirit of festivities, ADEAM finds its inspiration in Matsuri, a Japanese summer festival. With oversized paper lanterns and bright, floral prints, the brand’s SS23 collection pulses with joy and good times. 

Image courtesy of Valerio Mezzanotti / @nowfashion

Built in pastels and ruffles, ADEAM’s SS23 collection calls back feelings of sunniness and whimsy. Voluminous silhouettes provide a feeling of grandeur, but is muted by the childlike palette. Pleating and textured fabrics also add a certain rhythm to the collection. The result is a series of looks that are playful, lovely, and light. 

The collection also embraces summer florals, using a hand-crafted print. The print is bolder than your average floral, with bright reds and dark greens. These garments are also layered and structured, adding some maturity. The looks are not childlike, as florals can so easily fall into. No, they are developed and clean, providing high fashion looks that are also just plain fun. 

Image courtesy of Valerio Mezzanotti / @nowfashion

ADEAM pushes its inspiration by pulling certain elements of Japanese style, basing garment structurings on classic silhouettes like the Kimono. A Japanese Kimono is always layered with robes and belts. This collection interprets this belted style by cinching garments at the waist, predominantly by the use of corsets and harness skirts. 

Image courtesy of Valerio Mezzanotti / @nowfashion

In celebrating its 10th anniversary, ADEAM has created a collection that is chic, elegant, and light-hearted. More than anything, the SS23 collection is wearable. For the fashion lover looking to spruce up their summer wardrobe, ADEAM provides a collection of garments not so far out there as to need explanation, but inspired enough to capture design dreams. 

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