Adidas Invites Designers to Reimagine The Campus 80s

The sneaker brand asked three up-and-coming creatives to reinterpret their iconic shoe.

Adidas Campus 80s MakerLab

In the shoe-making world, collaboration is now more common than ever. Athletic brands have always understood the power of say, a celebrity endorsement, but as sneaker culture comes to a creative head, many labels go the extra mile for an innovative and fashionable shoe, partnering with influencers, TV shows, and nonprofits, among others. Adidas’ latest venture, the Campus 80s MakerLab, aims to foster even more creative collaboration between the brand and emergent designers. Adidas has invited three up-and-coming creatives, Helen Kirkum, Alex Nash and Shun Hirose to design their very own Campus 80s and market their designs through a StockX IPO. This is the first time Adidas has offered this opportunity with StockX, a bidding and marketing platform popular with streetwear brands and high fashion houses alike.

“We live by an elevated model of collaboration that embraces the collective,” said Jose Cabaco, Senior Director of Creative Concepts and Storytelling at Adidas. “Many times that means taking the passenger seat and acting as an enabler of our partners’ creative vision coming to life.”

The designers had only 10 days to develop their creations, beginning at the Adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany and finishing at an Adidas factory in Vietnam, where they oversaw production and packaging. Adidas recorded the entire process in an exclusive documentary.

The results of the campaign were three distinct visions for the iconic shoe, each emblematic of the designers. Alex Nash’s Campus 80s played with discordant color and texture, boasting neon green laces and a bright red “Adidas” banner over the top of the shoe. The camel tan base featured accents in orange, lime green, teal, and purple.

Kirkum’s interpretation, however, offered a monotone, deconstructivist take on Campus 80s. The canvas shoe explores different shades of white, off-white, and grey, save for a yellow Adidas stamp on the side. Kirkum includes her own seal of approval on the tongue, rounding out a sneaker that can only be described as straight-jacket chic.

Hirose, who designs for the Japanese boutique Recouture, turned out the most classic design of the three. The Campus 80s largely stay true to form, but Hirose adds three-color block sections in navy, red, and grey to give the shoe some statement. The geometric design results in a sleek shoe that can be worn every day, just like the original.

These three designs went up for sale in a 72-hour auction beginning October 15th until October 18th, where customers can blind bid for the innovative shoes. For more information on how to bid, visit the StockX website.

View the final products and process here:

Helen Kirkum’s redesign of the Campus 80s.
Alex Nash offers a maximalist reimagining of the adidas Campus 80s.
Helen Kirkum
Shun Hirose debuts a colorblock version of the Campus 80s.
Alex Nash
Shun Hirose

Adidas Campus 80s MakerLab
Draft of Alex Nash’s interpretation of the Adidas Campus 80s.

Adidas Campus 80s MakerLab Alex Nash
Alex Nash develops his own reimagining of the adidas Campus 80s.
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