Adobe Offers Students Free Access

InDesign and Photoshop will be available for students stuck at home.

As the pandemic forces students to stay home, both educators and parents seek ways to adjust their teaching methods—on their limited budgets. In an effort to ease this uncomfortable transition, the American computer software company, Adobe has just announced that InDesign and Photoshop will be available to students at no cost. 

Adobe has stepped in to aid students that are being obligated into confinement but lack the resources at home. The software company is offering temporary free access to both aforementioned applications for students worldwide, from kindergarten through Grade 12. 

This mass quarantine is forcing everyone to seek alternative solutions in order to continue fulfilling their duties. Adobe has set an important precedent for other big companies looking for ways to contribute. However, due to the fast rate of changes it is vital for schools, students and their educators to stay alert for offers like these, as well as understand how to access these resources. 

In order to get these Adobe apps your school or college needs to be an education customer. School IT admins must request home access via an application form here.  The temporary licenses will be available starting May 2020.


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