Kardashian Pal Simon Huck Makes Mutant Fashion a Reality

Kardashian Pal Simon Huck Makes Mutant Fashion a Reality

The power publicist is feeding his experimental side with NYFW's most mysterious event.

The power publicist is feeding his experimental side with NYFW's most mysterious event.


The Kardashians are constant yet ever-expanding, individually evolving and procreating at a hyperspeed while their number of core members remains relatively static. The same is true of the family’s friends, who’ve leveled up from E! channel guest stars to, in some cases, godlike lifestyle experts (see: Foodgōd née Jonathan Cheban) just by existing in their small, trusted orbit. Meanwhile Simon Huck, Kim’s handsome, clean-cut pal, who first appeared on KUWTK in 2009, comes across as a stable counterweight to the strange plasticity of the Kardashian universe.

But Huck’s latest project, an interactive exhibit called “A. Human,” takes Kardashian-level superhumanism to a new frontier. While no install shots have been released, a number of Huck’s friends have posted hyperreal selfies teasing the exhibit, which opens tomorrow and runs until September 30 at 48 Mercer Street. One, in which Kim Kardashian purportedly rocks, playfully blurs the line between celebrity and science fiction—and/or depicts the possible outcomes of following Kardashian aspirationalism to its fullest extent.

But according to Huck, “A. Human” isn’t necessarily a commentary on body standards or fame. “Think playful, thought-provoking, curious and tongue-in-cheek,” he says. “Not dark or dystopian at all.” Instead, Huck frames the exhibit, a product of his new, experiences-based company Society of Spectacle, as a thought-starting supplement to fashion week. “It’s really meant to encourage guests to think about how they feel about the future of fashion and how that relates to self-expression.”

It’s no surprise that the exhibit attracted collaborators like Nicola Formichetti, has long blended self-modification and futurism in his creative endeavors. As Mugler’s creative director, Formichetti cast the late model and body modification icon Rick Genest, a.k.a. Zombie Boy. “I have always been interested in exploring the future of fashion,” he says. “I like pushing the boundaries of what can be considered fashion and finding the edge of self-expression. Looking back at my work with Mugler, this type of experimentation was very much aligned with their DNA.” For “A. Human,” Formichetti contributed a concept called The Pinnacle, as shown in a portrait of model Andreja Pejic wearing a cyborgian shoulder attachment. “For Pinnacle, I was inspired by things that aren't quite human like nature, animals and insects,” he says.

The project seems more a departure for Huck, who began his career at the firm of OG power publicist Lizzie Grubman, alongside Jonathan Cheban, with whom he eventually founded Command PR. If that company, of which Huck is now the sole owner, reflects his talent for orchestrating big-name celebrity partnerships (think Heineken ads featuring Neil Patrick Harris) “A. Human” is Huck’s experimental outlet. “I don’t have an artistic background nor would people (prior to this) consider me an overtly ‘creative’ person,” he concedes. “However, I was determined to build my vision and spent the last year working to find the right partners and collaborators.”

While neither Huck nor Kim are exactly known for hanging with the freaks, Huck says he would personally be open to body modification—insofar as it relates to the exhibit. “Yes, I love Isamaya Ffrench’s teeth, featured in the exhibit,” he says of the makeup artist and YSL beauty ambassador’s teeth tattoos, which are fairly non-invasive compared to Kim’s neckwear—if it’s real, that is. “Kim was wearing The Glow in her video,” Huck says of whether or not the video truly reflects the Kardashian princess’s latent hardcore streak. “It was an implanted necklace—designed by her, for her. Unfortunately we can’t give away all of our secrets!”

Andreja Pejic wears "The Pinnacle" by Nicola Formichetti (courtesy of Instagram)


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