Alaïa Debuts The Iconic Corset Bag

The most comfortable way to rock the corset trend.

Much like all other retro fashion trends of Ye Olde Days, the last few years have seen a resurgence of vintage fashion trends at a furiously fast rate. From scrunchies to sweater vests to even mullets (how??), we’ve seen everything. But oddly, this revival wasn’t really expected from an item of clothing that had long been banished to the deepest pits of hell on account of it being down-right uncomfortable. Yep, we’re talking corsets. Yet somehow, 2020 has been all about the corsets. Suddenly, in the middle of stocking up on toilet paper, people are stocking up on vintage thrifted corsets. And this corset craze has resulted in Alaïa’s latest stunning creation: the corset bag.

The new corset bag is a part of the new Editions wardrobe by the brand, which consists of pieces recreated from Alaïa’s archives all the way from the 1980s up to 2017. This is why the collection truly encapsulates retro flair combined with timeless chic, as it’s inspiration comes from such and diverse time period. The bag is a reinterpretation of the iconic Alaïa Corset Belt of 1992.

The bag itself is made out of the highest quality textured leather, and features beautiful laser-cut cutout detailing that emulates Arab-Andalusian lace motifs. It cinches at the center, resembling how a corset cinches the waist. The corset bag comes in three colors, red, white and black, and all variants of it include a shoulder strap allowing the bag to be worn both as a handbag and a shoulder bag. It retails for anywhere between $2,350 to $2,750 and is available to purchase on the Alaïa website.

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