Alaïa’s Summer-Fall 22 Collection Is The Definition Of Fashion

The Parisian brand celebrates femininity in their newest collection that centers around process and conversation

The experimentation and community that comes with the essence of fashion as both a noun and a verb is at the core of Alaïa’s Summer-Fall 2022 collection. Created as a dialogue between figures, mediums, and time, the 52 looks showcase a range of styles with a consistent flair; feminine elegance with exploratory aspects that play with the curves and shapes of the body. It bridges Alaïa’s past, present, and future with reimagined architecture and reinvented proportions. Tailoring is altered, creating oversized and structural shapes that defy gravity and trace the line of the figure. The brands archive is displayed through materiality and silhouette, with vichy check, patent, python, lace, pure cotton poplin, and rich velvet that envelopes and transforms the feminal narrative of the body. In line with the sense of community, the collection employs the historical artistry of Pablo Picasso, forming a partnership with the Picasso administration to translate his ceramic works onto a series of embroidered and knitted dresses. Further, the runway was complemented by a soundtrack composed during fittings by musician Gustav Rudman Rambali. A mirror of intimate collaboration and process, the interdisciplinary collection echoes the definition of fashion and the soul of creativity.


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