Meet Alanna Arrington, the Model Favored by Stella McCartney and Victoria's Secret

Meet Alanna Arrington, the Model Favored by Stella McCartney and Victoria's Secret

18-year-old Iowa native Alanna Arrington talks her Victoria's Secret debut, fronting the Stella McCartney Spring 2017 campaign, her fitness routine, and more.

18-year-old Iowa native Alanna Arrington talks her Victoria's Secret debut, fronting the Stella McCartney Spring 2017 campaign, her fitness routine, and more.

Text: Adair Smith

How old are you and where are you from?

I'm 18 years old. I'm from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

How did you get scouted?

I went to an open call that was hosted my my mother agency, Mother Model Management in my hometown. I signed with them and shortly afterwards with NEXT Models.

In the past few months, you've walked the Victoria's Secret runway, fronted Stella McCartney's campaign, walked in Tommy x Gigi's show last month and some of the biggest shows of the season like Jeremy Scott and Yeezy. How are you handling it all?

Everything that has happened in the last year or so has totally surpassed any picture I had in mind of where I'd be by now. Everything keeps getting better than what I had imagined for myself and it just reminds me to keep working hard.

You turned 18 and walking the VS runway in Paris a few weeks later. Tell me your experience with the show.

The VS show was one of the best moments of my life. I was not even expecting to cast for the show this last year because I wasn't going to be 18, but then talk came up about it and I decided to give it a shot. I was just happy I got the opportunity to go to the casting, but I was definitely not expecting to land the show, and when I got the news I did I was so happy. I trained like crazy for the show, and when the moment came of actually getting on the jet, meeting the angels, actually walking out on that runway, and then seeing the show in its final form... I really couldn't believe it was all real, it was all really happening. Walking out on the runway after years of chasing that exact moment was the most incredible feeling. Everything I had been working so hard for really came full circle in that moment.

How was the prep for the show? Tell us about your workout plan, heath regime and skincare routine.

My workout routine was crazy intense. I was training seven days a week, and every other day twice a day so I could meet with my personal trainer. On top of that I was really staying on a healthy diet. It wasn't strict in like restrictions or anything extreme like that, it was just very healthy. No cheating with like snacks or sweets or unhealthy meals. My skin care routine was strict, like it usually is, and I made sure I got an oxygen facial the night before the show. The great thing about the show was I still carry all of these healthy habits with me now that the show is over.

What are your top 5 songs to work out to?

  1. "Lose yourself" by Eminem
  2. "Fight Night" by Migos
  3. "Pop that" by French Montana
  4. "Grindin my Whole Life" by HS87
  5. "Get Right Witcha" - Migos

How was it shooting for Stella McCartney's Spring 2017 campaign?

Working with Stella was one of the highlights of my career. I had idolized her as a designer since I first got into fashion and then finally getting to work with her and get to know her as a person was so amazing. Not only was Stella amazing, but that shoot was one of my favorites I've done also because I was shooting with some of my best friends. Stella really took us in as family and made the experience so memorable.

Was this your first time working with the [Stella McCartney] team?

This was my first time working with the SM team outside of a show. I had done the Spring 2017 show with the team just a few months before shooting the campaign.

What was the best part about fronting the campaign for such a major brand?

There were a lot of amazing parts about shooting the campaign but I think the best part was the sense of family I made during the whole experience. Having the opportunity to build relationships with so many people and continuing to work with and see them after we shot together is amazing.

What was your favorite show you walked this season?

My favorite show I walked this season was Stella's show. She had such a fun finale to the show where we got to dance and sing and it was just such a great way to come to the end of another season.

What are five things you always need with you during fashion week?

My phone, headphones, water, makeup remover wipes, chapstick and coffee!

What's your go-to everyday look?

My go-to everyday look would probably be a leather jacket with a fitted tee underneath, joggers and a good pair of heels. It's comfy but still stylish enough to go to work in.

What do you like to do on a day off?

On an off day, I love to sleep as much as I can, spend time with my friends, and shop.

What's coming up next for you? 

I've got some exciting things coming up soon although I can't say much about them, but I'm really excited to see what this year brings me. I'm gonna continue to work hard and hopefully hit a few more career milestones by the end of the year.


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