Alexander McQueen Channels Scottish Art Nouveau in Latest Pre-Collection

Ruffles, sequins, and silk, oh my!

As we swiftly move away from heated summer days and head straight into the cool fall breeze, the fashion world is undergoing its seasonal transition during a strange period in time. But even though the excitement of summer was (for the most part) canceled due to the current state of the world, the fall season can bring several exciting and chic elements of its own. That’s exactly what luxury fashion brand Alexander McQueen brings with its Fall/Winter 2020 pre-collection, channeling the distinctive artistry of the Scottish Art Nouveau movement.

The pre-collection features unique pieces with an elegant pencil-drawn “nouveau print,” consisting of the movement’s iconic curves and flowing lines. Ruffled, fil coupé dresses, coiled iris embroideries on soft harnessing and on invisible silk tulle designs, and hand placed metal sequins on drop-waisted tunics are just some of the styles in this collection, and the sophistication is more than present in each signature look.

The rich elegance and tasteful ornamentation typical of the Scottish Art Nouveau movement – popularized in the 1880’s – has historically shined Europe and North America, and simply can’t be ignored when presented in high fashion.

The refined lines, distinctive curvatures, and floral decorations within the movement’s patterns in both art and architecture serve as a welcome reminder of the satisfying result of good craftsmanship and artistic exploration.

Take a look at Alexander McQueen’s Fall/Winter 2020 Pre-collection below:

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