Alexander McQueen is Jumping Into Action with New Sprint Runner Sneaker

Sophie Muller highlights the sneaker in a beautiful film with a performance by singer, songwriter, and renowned dancer Mettenarrative.

First seen on the women’s Spring/Summer 2022 runway, the Alexander McQueen Sprint Runner is getting a fierce new look. Sophie Muller directs a new film starring Mettenarrative to showcase athletic shoes. The film shows Mettenarrative engaging in a variety of different activities, displaying the power of women and the adaptability of the Sprint Runners.

The Sprint Runner brings a modern touch to the classic running sneaker. Made from white leather, the metal-free upper provides a sleek and clean canvas. The counter-heel of the shoe comes in white, black, and seasonal colors that reflect the men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collections. Complete with Alexander McQueen’s signature and three-dimensional McQueen seal, the shoes are the perfect mix of sporty and sophisticated.

Wearing black and rose corset dresses Mette creates a dichotomy between elegance and strength. While she engages in activities, such as dancing and weight lifting, the beautiful drape skirt moves with her. The dress creates a symbol of female empowerment and the strength of women. While society tells women to look beautiful, it does not take away from their power. The dresses are paired with the Sprint Runner in Classic White, allowing the shoe to stand out, yet not steal the show.

The new film showcases the shoes in a beautifully physical way and gives viewers a look at what the Sprint Runners are capable of.

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