Alexander McQueen SS21 Men’s Collection is a Design Challenge

Of sorts.

Following in the footsteps of their sister collection, women’s pre-SS21 collection, Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2021 Menswear collection has been designed during lockdown using stock fabrics, or excess fabrics used for previous pieces, a more sustainable approach to producing garments. This collection finds further innovation in the design process itself.

As many creatives have found in quarantine, being at home 24/7 has allowed us to find inspiration in the things we often overlook day-to-day, and challenges us to come up with something new while in lockdown. And Alexander McQueen’s SS21 Menswear process was just like that.

Members of the McQueen design team received mannequins and textiles at their respective homes, with the challenge of creating new pieces inspired by their current surroundings for this collection.

McQueen team members dip dyed and printed on these stock fabrics in their own backyards, using materials and inspiration from all around them. The result is a captivating collection, with the immaculate tailoring the brand has become known for, each piece represents a new way of thinking, even using older, familiar fabrics.

Even as the designers experimented with dyeing and prints, each garment feels utterly intentional, the results having a visceral impact on the viewer. The collection explores luxe casual wear and sportswear with daring details on classic suits and elegant coats. The reds and pinks work in harmony with the slate grey and black and white looks of the collection, the hints of jewelry and attention to detail making the collection feel distinctly a work of the Alexander McQueen team.

With the models and the setting expressing a structured intensity that characterizes the brand and the collection itself, Alexander McQueen SS21 was able to capture the essence of its design principles while still producing a refreshing and inventive collection. Look through some of the captivating collection below.

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