Badgal Alice's "Magnificroissant" is a Total Banger

Badgal Alice's "Magnificroissant" is a Total Banger

More anthemic than ever before, Alice Longyu Gao's newest single beams with self-confidence, freedom, and autonomy

More anthemic than ever before, Alice Longyu Gao's newest single beams with self-confidence, freedom, and autonomy

Text: Chloe Laguette

Multi-faceted artist Alice Longyu Gao, who's found acclaim in bringing Harajuku style onto the New York scene, has delivered her epic new single "Magnificroissant", accompanied with a video featuring a cloned Alice via 3D animation, dancing around the cotton candy-colored Japanese Garden of her dreams (and everyone else's if we're being honest).

In May 2018, the two were wrapping up a session with French producer duo, Sofly & Nius. Madison started rapping randomly: “I don’t need your baguette, magnificent and croissant, I feel Magnificroissant,” Gao recalls. "The French boys in the studio definitely influenced us, and that was a funny amateur idea. But, it glued on our mind," Gao said. "So when we were sitting with the 'hip-hop Chanukah'—Alex Bilo for a session. This idea worked out like magic."

The song’s punchline, “Ima-nonji-desuka” means “what time is it” in Japanese. Madison is a quarter Japanese and both of them are lovers of Japanese culture. "As most grandmas would do daily—Madison remembers her grandma would always ask her what time is it in Japanese. Grandma memory is sweet but we made it trap," she said. "We love a good 'I don’t give a fuck' attitude and everyone who feels like a vulnerable girl needs that spirit to deal with demons and fuq bois."

In the verse, Gao wanted to include some hate and diss she's have encountered along her path. "Some of them come from close friends and they genuinely think they are doing good by saying those words to my face," she said. "The reality is that people like me suffer from 'abnormality' defined by others."

Some people have criticized Gao in the past for her lack of a boyfriend, that her 'abnormality' would be smoothed over by the help of a man. But in reality, her weirdness is what defines her— by unapologetically wearing color contacts and unconventional makeup, that, according to her, make people cringe, especially in the west.

"Now I am adult-ish and they continue to make me doubt about my existence. Empowering myself through undiscovered self-acknowledgment is important. My astrologist said that when I feel lost, I should remember to be an artist for the people," she said. She's realized the true purpose of her music is to interpret the anxiety and suffer out there, hoping herself and others will be relieved after consume and echo with it.

Japanese “visual-kei” music and artists influenced Gao so much growing up. She states that "Magnificroissant"'s artistic direction is to discover possible human physical appearance. "The visuals and the single’s cover art are massively overdone, and I love them. My own existence is defined by myself. Visual-kei inspires me to seek ways to express my aggression and creativity. And that’s what motivates me and wakes me up every day," she said.

Watch the video for "Magnificroissant" below and stream the banger here platforms here.



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