Alice Longyu Gao’s “Rich Bitch Juice” is an Absolute Banger

We’ll have what she’s having.

In the era of streaming music, there are no rules regarding the amounts of bops and bangers that can be uploaded into the interwebs every single day. Unapologetically breaking through the continuous noise is budding avant-pop star Alice Longyu Gao whose newest track “Rich Bitch Juice” confidently poses as a bop that bangs. And it bangs HARD.

Produced by Dylan Brady of 100 gecs, the track is a sublime combination of speaker-blowing bass and fresh cocky flair with a hook that playfully slaps in all the right places. A multi-hyphenate in every sense of the term, Alice exclusively tells V that the music video for “Rich Bitch Juice” will drop in January 2020 and that it will include animated high-fashion items. “Imagine me in Gucci… but animated!”

With industry supreme Selena Gomez onboard the Alice Longyu Gao train, the limit to how far Gao can and will go simply does not exist. All V know is that we’ll definitely be having our morning “Magnificrossiant” with a supersized glass of “Rich Bitch Juice.”
Stream “Rich Bitch Juice” below:

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