Alicia Keys Releases Music Video For In Common

Alicia Keys Releases Music Video For In Common

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Alicia Keys Releases Music Video For In Common

Text: Ian David Monroe

So far, Alicia Keys is killing it in the visuals department for her new track “In Common,” off her as-yet-untitled forthcoming album. Following the stripped down aesthetic of her single art, Keys releases a new black-and-white music video featuring dancers of varying principles, age and sexuality. The sparse set includes only the things distinctly representative of a metropolis: a fire escape, a crosswalk sign, a fire hydrant, and chain link fence.

With little distractions, the uniqueness of the dancers shines brighter, putting an emphasis on person over place. “This video is about celebrating our individuality, and how in the brilliance of our uniqueness, the magic of it all is at the core, we are all the same," Keys tells The Fader, adding, “We want the same things. We all want to experience love, the freedom to be our truest selves, to love whomever we want and to be accepted and celebrated for all of our nuances and so called imperfections that make us, us.”

Here, Keys—a mainstream star—spotlights a minority in a way that doesn’t feel transactional, and highlights a new interpretation of the song: that we all, despite our differences, have plenty in common.


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