All Roads Lead to Oasi Zegna in ZEGNA Spring 2023

ZEGNA’s Triple Stitch sneaker and the Oasi Cashmere collection stand out in the latest campaign.

For ZEGNA, everything begins and ends with Oasi Zegna. Spring In Oasi, ZEGNA’s Spring 2023 campaign, features the standout Oasi Cashmere collection and Triple Stitch sneaker. At the intersection of progressive practicality and tradition and craftsmanship, these exclusive products are essential threads of the ZEGNA identity, all in the pursuit of luxury leisurewear that meets the style needs of the modern man. 

Oasi Cashmere is a key pillar of ZEGNA’s Road to Traceability, the brand’s commitment to make Oasi Cashmere fibers 100% traceable by 2024. With a vertically integrated structure, the ZEGNA promises a deep level of care layered throughout each step of the process.

With the Oasi Cashmere collection, ZEGNA’s new style code is clearly expressed with deep, engaging colors and luxurious cashmere fibers. The collection works to strengthen the brand’s mission to source responsibly, from goat to garment. 

In conjunction with the launch of the Spring 2023 campaign, comes the iconic Triple Stitch sneaker, which has been reimagined with fresh materials such as plush suede and grained leather. The shoe has proved to be a global success for the house and continues to fulfill all of the needs of a versatile shoe, bringing softness, lightness and flexibility to the wearer. 

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