All The Best Gifts For Your Best Guy

All The Best Gifts For Your Best Guy

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All The Best Gifts For Your Best Guy

Treat your boyfriend this holiday season.

Treat your boyfriend this holiday season.

Men can be notoriously difficult to shop for. Unless they have some really obvious hobby you can latch onto, it's a bit difficult to know what they might want as a present. Not to mention that a stressful year necessitates an extra thoughtful gift. To help you figure it out, we've rounded up a few possible options. What would help make their day a bit easier? A bit more fun? More cozy? Check out our list and see what you think.

Ember Mug ($130)

The new Ember mug is temperature controlled to keep your coffee just warm enough. If he's stuck working from home, or even commuting to the office, this handy gadget could go a long way towards making his morning more enjoyable.

Kenneth Cole Energy Fragrance ($85)

Cologne is a classic gift for the beau, especially if he's running low or hasn't figured out his signature scent yet. This fragrance by Kenneth Cole is not only delightful, but also unisex. That means (you can borrow it) it won't be too musky or overwhelming, as some colognes have unfortunately been.

UNIQLO x JW Anderson Coat ($100)

If last minute winter shopping is so your man, then this could be the perfect gift. A wool blend coat available in either navy or olive is easy to style and sure to keep him warm. It's also a collaboration with tasteful British designer JW Anderson.

Rowing Blazers Rugby Shirt ($195)

A rugby shirt from Rowing Blazers is comfy and relaxed. They also come in a wide variety of styles, some made for specific clubs. The shirt featured here is a simple red, yellow, and black. They all tend to range in price from $100-$200.

Carhartt Prentis Pullover ($228)

Again, if he's still in need of cold weather wear by the time the holidays roll around, this could be perfect. The pullover is cute and cuddly, just like you. Not to mention, it'll feel so warm and cozy once you inevitably steal it from his wardrobe.

Always Pan ($95)

If you share cooking duties, then this is kind of a gift for both of you? Regardless, the Always Pan seems to be the gift of the year as it shows up on list after list. And we couldn't simply ignore it here. The pan can function as eight different pieces of cookware and comes in a variety of amazing colors to boot.

Nice Laundry Pocket Lounge Shorts ($115)

Falling somewhere between boxers and shorts, this super comfy three-pack will get your man through lockdown like a champ. The nylon shorts are stretchy and breathable, perfect for lounging or work-from-home.

Audio-Technica Wireless Over-Ear Headphones ($179)

Audio-Technica is beloved for their quality gear at a fair price. And as wireless headphones take over, your bf might be eyeing a pair or two. This option is both affordable and sure to satisfy his music-related needs.

Custom Hydro Flask (Starts at $38 or $46)

Hydro Flasks are all the rage these days. Treat your guy to a custom design, made with love by you. There are a wide variety of colors and add-ons available. Just go to their website and start the design process now!

Bespoke Post 24k Gold Smoking Gift Set ($44)

If your man is a pot-head, but like a fancy pot-head, then this is the perfect present. Help him blaze up in style with gold papers and a cute lighter. He will be the envy of his smoking buddies.

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