All Things Must Grass: Dad Grass X George Harrison

The cannabis company celebrates the late Beatle in a new way. 

For the first time in history, one of The Beatles is getting a cannabis collaboration. In celebration of George Harrison’s album All Things Must Pass, cannabis company Dad Grass presents All Things Must Grass. In collaboration with the George Harrison estate, Dad Grass is bringing an exclusive Harrison-themed collection to the market. 

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After winning a Grammy for its 50th-anniversary edition, All Things Must Pass is getting a different type of floral celebration. The collection features federally legal CBD/CBG joints, smoking paraphernalia and merchandise. Dad Grass uses iconic motifs from the album for the collection’s graphics and aesthetic. From pins that say “All Things Must Pass” to Harrison’s face adorning rolling trays, there’s truly no collection like it. It aims to honor the late musician’s legacy in a new and fitting way to Harrison’s overall ideology. 

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In the words of Harrison, grass “focuses your attention better on the music, and so, you can hear it clearer. You can see things, or y’know, you could see things much different.” So sit back, roll up, and get ready to jam out to Harrison’s best tunes with his exclusive collection. All Things Must Grass is available for purchase on the Dad Grass website on April 6. 


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