Alpha Industries Launched Exclusive Collection with Top Gun

The collection comes just in time for the new sequel Top Gun: Maverick.

Alpha Industries is honoring the movie that made their bomber jacket famous with an exclusive Top Gun collection. In honor of the new sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, Alpha Industries releases a limited edition line that includes a Top Gun revamp over the iconic MA-1 jacket.

The U.S. Department of Defense commissioned Alpha Industries to make the MA-1 jacket over 50 years ago. Soldiers on the frontlines wore the jacket with pride. Now the look has become the main association with the MA-1. 

The Alpha Industries x Top Gun collection includes two jackets and three tee styles. Each item features patchwork and prints that reference the original 1986 film. The collection launches on Alpha’s website on May 13, right in time for the premier of Top Gun: Maverick.

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