Alt-Pop Icon carolesdaughter Drops New Single “Trailer Trash”

Following the success of Tik Tok viral track, “Violent”, carolesdaughter switches gears into the singer-songwriter genre.

If you’ve opened Tik Tok or Instagram Reels in the last few months, you’ve likely come across Thea Taylor, better known as carolesdaughter. The 18-year-old songstress hit it big with single, “Violent” for her sonically addictive pop beat and transparent lyrics so favored by fellow members of Gen Z. With over 62 million streams on Spotify and seemingly overnight success, it was hard to imagine how she could produce an equally catchy follow-up. But somehow, carolesdaughter managed.

Today, the alt-pop queen releases her next track, “Trailer Trash” with an accompanying music video to boot. Speaking of boots, Taylor rocks Ed Hardy cowboy boots and a cowboy hat in the Wild West desert-themed music video as she croons about her story of substance abuse, rehab, and the topsy turvy relationships she made along the way. Before anyone criticizes her for romanticizing addiction, let’s get one thing clear: it’s not a glamorous account of mental illness. In fact, her lyrics serve as more of a warning to her fans than they do an encouragement to make the same choices.


“Trailer Trash is a song about accepting the unique and somewhat trashy parts of you,” said the songstress. “I had a vision for the video to feel a certain way. I wanted it to be a glimpse into the world of someone who ran away from home and had no rules. They could look the way they want and do what they want. I found the makeup artist Jessie [Edelstein] on Tik Tok and fell in love with her signature look and knew it had to be in my video.”

Before the first beat drops, your eyes will be captivated by Taylor’s face makeup. A face paint artwork of blue checkerboard persuasion, kohl-rimmed eyes, and black lipstick, the singer-songwriter is made unrecognizable — perhaps a nod to the identity-masking side effects of addiction. Kicking off the song with a recount of “friends turning into junkies”, Taylor regrets her disordered past wrought with illegal doings and traumatic life experience. The track takes a more acoustic sound than lo-fi pop tune, “Violent”, but similarly pairs a catchy beat with soul-baring lyrics. It’s a song of fascinating juxtaposition — something the young carolesdaughter has become known for.


Check out “Trailer Trash”, out now.

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