Ahead of the spooky season, Altuzarra’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection debuted on Monday with a distinct shift from the brand’s last four collections- focusing on the cult Roman Polanski horror film Rosemary’s Baby and its association with the New Wave moment in the American film industry. Using this particular film as inspiration, Creative Director Joseph Altuzarra was able to exude a haunting yet modern and definitive take on traditional silhouettes. Referring back to the 1960s for the unambiguous style, this new collection gave birth to a new era for the Altuzarra label.

Staple Altuzarra pieces were reinvented for the new collection, including slip dresses, pencil skirts, and matching sets transformed by undone seams, translucent organza, and crinkled satin. Elegant fabrics and prints including polka dots, satin, and sheer Gingham are daubed across the looks, as well as yarn-dyed denim textiles drained of color for intentional flair. A softened color palette is offered throughout from baby pink, yellow, soft greys, tints of white, and bold pops of mod-inspired cherry reds, apple greens, and blues.

Styles offered in the collection include curvaceous A-line satin coats, a 50s-esque strapless polka dot trapeze dress, as well as a bourgeois contrast in 1960s babydoll dresses and complimentary tulle veils. Psychologically chic bralettes are creatively built alongside low-waisted matching skirts. Gauzed slips are peeked out from underneath Altuzarra’s signature pencil skirts, and embellished embroideries are delicately placed on other pieces.

Accessory offerings exist in Altuzarra and Manolo Blahnik’s collaboratory kitten heels that provide more refinement to the collection, alongside the “Doctor” bag, which takes on the shape of a slim and trendy briefcase. Jewelry is encrusted with crystals, offering a sparkling hint of glam to the collection. Joseph Altuzarra’s trademark medallion necklace takes a new shape onto the collection’s “Medallion” bag and “Envelope” clutch.

Altuzarra’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection is a departure from the present and a refreshed representation of timeless 1950s and 60s silhouettes.

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