Altuzarra Launches Upcycled Edit of Lux Loungewear

Altuzarra Re-Crafted debuts as part of the brand’s ongoing adherence to an eco-conscious fashion system.

Joseph Atuzarra joins a score of luxury players tracking towards progressive sustainability targets with his latest edit: Altuzarra Re-Crafted, an entirely circular extension of his Spring/Summer 2021 season. 

Altuzarra Re-Crafted

Upcycled silk yarns and archival fabrics are tailored into the relaxed silhouettes of Re-Crafted’s one-off pieces, each woven into the dense, layered textures that play to the chunky-knit, lux-lounge ethos of today’s fashion. Altuzarra’s ‘Cilantha’ and ‘ Gardenia’ Knits arrive in three colorways: Soumak Flax Flower, Malbec Shibori Line, and Cerise, a capsule made very much for our right now – something with the boudoir rigor to be worn indoors, and just as seamlessly translated to the outside world. 

Altuzarra Re-Crafted

Yet the slouched totes and abstract weaves hit far further than a mere luxury play. Rather, the capsule represents Altuzarra’s pioneering optics shored up by their ongoing commitment to a sustainable fashion system. “One of the biggest things we need to do now is create less product,” Altuzarra told Vogue’s Liam Hess back in May. “Having a much more socially responsible outlook on how we produce and what we produce is also really crucial—it was important before but now it feels paramount.”

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