Altuzarra’s Fall/Winter 2020 Campaign Hits Close to Home

Modeled by four generations of women.

Joseph Altuzarra’s eponymous label consistently embraces a strong mix of traditional elements combined with youthful flair, and the brand’s Fall/Winter 2020 Campaign may just be the perfect example. 

At a time when many of us are settling back into the places we grew up, with the families that raised us, trying to hold on to our sanity, Altuzarra found this season’s inspiration right in the middle of all of the chaos. Parisian-born and part Chinese-American himself, designer Joseph Altuzarra took the opportunity to honor the women in his life. Not only did Altuzarra craft a collection inspired by their enduring strength and resilience, but also captured their beauty and vitality in Altuzarra’s FW20 campaign. 

Particularly drawn to the story of how his mother’s parents journeyed from Shanghai to America in the 1940s, Altuzarra’s campaign emphasizes the importance of family and the power in the narrative we weave throughout time and across generations. Joseph Altuzarra’s collection campaign captures this story by putting the most important women in his life at the forefront, directly in front of the camera. In this fashion fairytale, we get to meet his grandmother Jeanette Wei, his mother Karen Altuzarra, his cousin Lily Scout Kwong, and his daughter Emma Altuzarra Weissman, all clad in Altuzarra. 

Using understated silhouettes, confident textures, and additional elements reflecting the meeting of Eastern and Western influences, Altuzarra’s FW20 сollection comes alive with its personal touch. However, there’s an underlying sense of universality throughout, inviting us, the viewers, to reflect on our own family histories and narratives. We can all reflect on our experiences and cherish those who came before us, who surround us, and who will come after us.  

Altuzarra’s campaign has a strong message in honoring the past while embracing the future through four generations of women, and just as an Altuzarra design can hold importance for years to come, with the hope of inspiring future generations, so can these images, which are more than just a campaign. 


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