Luxury brand Aman, known for its resorts and hospitality services for more than three decades, has ventured into promoting and providing an improved experiences for their guests and customers with the launch of their collection, Aman Essentials Yoga, which was released on June 21st.

With the intent to showcase their commitment to sustainability while also providing a quality wellness experience for their guests, the collection uniquely utilizes 100% natural and sustainably sourced cork for the composing material for their yoga set. Intentionally chosen for cork’s hypoallergenic components, durability, light weight, and natural insulation; this collection boasts a distinctive touch that separates itself in the yoga/wellness market that provides a mutual benefit in terms of the environment and the guests. The collection includes a yoga mat (with a pouch and strap) for convenience and elevated comfort and the ‘Block Trio’ which includes a yoga cork block, cork ball and cylinder (all which assist in muscle targeting during yoga). 

The collection is not only exclusive to Aman guests, but extends the Aman experience to everyone and anyone; With the yoga mat retailing for 480 USD and the Block Trio retailing for 235 USD, the collection is available for purchase now on their website and in Aman Boutiques 

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