AMBUSH Connects the Metaverse to IRL with Recyclable 3D Printed Sneakers

Step into the metaverse in style

If you’re planning on taking a trip to the metaverse soon, you’ll have no shortage of outfits to choose from. Along with Nike, New Balance, and Prada, Ambush is the latest brand to enter the world of metaverse fashion. Korean designer, Yoon Ahn just announced the launch of the sustainable “100S” slip-on clog in partnership with Zellerfeld, a 3D printing company. 

The project will use Zellerfeld’s 3D printing resources as well as recyclable materials to create an environmentally friendly shoe. The goal was to cut down on labor as well as energy use throughout the production process to create a sustainable design. Finn-Rush Taylor, who is known for his contributions in footwear design, was also a collaborator on the project, helping guide the concept and design of the 3D printed “100S”.

The bright lime green clog is designed for breathability with gaps on either side and a texturized exterior, complete with the AMBUSH logo on the back strap and bottom of the shoe. Of course, no metaverse-inspired piece is complete without an NFT which will unlock a digital version of the shoe to wear in the brand’s Silver Factry metaverse space.


The clog is currently just in the prototype phase but will be made to order specific to each wearer’s measurements. Those who also own an NFT will be able to enter a raffle at the Stadium Goods SoHo location for a chance to win the Reboot Glow in the Dark shoes and their NFTs. 

From June 20 to June 23, Ambush will hold presentations of the “100S” prototype at Stadium Goods in SoHo, New York City. The NFT NYC event will be limited to the first 100 people to line up at the store, and those who hold a POW! Reboot NFT will be given first priority.


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