AMBUSH is Rave Ready for SS23

Designer Yoon Ahn has created a collection inspired by the Tokyo club scene

AMBUSH is calling all club kids for their Spring/Summer 2023 collection, where designer Yoon Ahn has crafted a wardrobe inspired by her love of the Tokyo rave scene and the eccentricities found on the dancefloor. The brand’s classic streetwear silhouettes have been updated into nightlife staples, echoing the global sense of release in the past year. “It’s like the bass in your stomach when the music’s ear-splitting,” shares Ahn. “Hopefully, it gives people energy and lets them indulge in the moment.”

Garments are made for people regardless of gender, with slinky tops and cut out garments that are revealed behind massive outerwear pieces. Ahn plays with proportion, pairing the tiniest of tees with colossal pants that are sure to protect your legs from a spilled drink, or ten for that matter. Leather has been used to create boleros and leg warmers as well as more traditional pants and jackets.

In contrast to the more utilitarian pieces, Ahn has placed more delicate materials into the mix. Mini skirts and jackets have been entirely engulfed by feathers, matching sets are done in a fuzzy stuffed animal-like fabrication, and party dresses are adorned with sequins. A sizable offering of chrome pieces act as a bridge between the tough and the ornamental, as functional silhouettes are lacquered in shimmer. 

Accessories are a strong suit for AMBUSH, completing a 360 view of the rave kid look. The DIPTERA sunglasses give off the perfect bug-eyed look, the kind of glasses you wear even in a dark room. It’s all about the look! Furry balaclavas and beanies are topped off with bunny ears, their soft look creating tension between the hefty rave boot, a unisex shoe which is shown in three different lengths as well as in navy, white, or black.

The collection is a clear example of the symbiotic relationship found between the fashion industry and youth culture. AMBUSH has taken the nonconformity found in the Gen-Z clubscene and infused their own spin, adding in luxury materials to the brilliantly grimey scene of the modern day rave, and resulting in a collection that is perfect for a very, very late night. 

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