AMBUSH Regenerates For Fall/Winter 2022

Debuting in Milan, AMBUSH builds a new universe, documenting how the past influences an edgier, skin-bearing future.

From jewelry to ready-to-wear, designer Yoon Anh continues to propel herself to new heights. Spring 2022 focused on her capsule Wksp, pronounced Workshop, where technicality was upheld. This time, Fall 2022 shows that Anh seeks to write a new chapter that perfectly sequences the origins of her career, playing with both the retro and futuristic. 

Set by flashing red lights and camera rovers traversing the runway, Ambush debuted a collection grounded in Ahn’s foundations of the brand and taken to new heights. Edge takes control through oversized fluffy hats paired with skin-bearing tops (think Pamela Anderson at the MTV Video Music Awards). Ahn’s love for leather, the material showing up as pockets, biker gloves, and heart-shaped handbags. Tailoring has always been a strength for Ahn; outerwear had a more alluring structure this season. Shearling-lined moto jackets with sweetheart necklines served biker fantasy. An animal print made a small appearance – a play with cowhide through chaps that rounded into a heart-shaped cutout. Trench coats and blazers were given more cartoonish proportions, nearly dragging on the ground with high slits.

Jewelry – AMBUSH’s origins  – made a significant appearance, applied through ‘A’ leather chainmail vests, dresses made from dangling beads that moved like hair with each step. It further pushed the romanticism that Ahn seemed to define through the retro-future that she is creating. 

AMBUSH continues to touch new ground with each season as the framework of their identity is being developed, and through the label’s debut in Milan, this is a hopeful start.

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