Ambush’s Spring 2022 Collection Is All About Utilitarian Elegance

Yoon Ahn takes her signature minimalism one step further.

Elegance and utility are at the core of AMBUSH’s latest Spring collection, marked by the combination of soft and stiffer fabrics, textures, and techniques, and where neutrals collide with subtle tones of bold colors. Yoon Ahn, who’s known for her appreciation of minimalism in her designs, further explores the idea with Wksp, a capsule collection within the collection – the name is a shortened version of “workshop.”


Here, the creative director explores a more casual side, with windbreakers and sweaters that come as if they were reconstructions with different materials, like the black and beige windbreaker featuring a layered blue pocket. Another highlight is the shirts and shorts printed with an abstract mix of colors, such as black, green, and yellow, and red, green, and blue, giving it a surreal mood. 

The collection also experiments with shapes and structures: a green mini skirt made of ropes; an ivory or lilac shirt with pieces attached in a soft wave-like pattern; a green dress made of braided strings of velvet; a pastel yellow coat (also presented in black) with a layer of cut out fabric that resembles an upgraded version of playing with scissors to create shapes and patterns. 


Many pieces come in ample silhouettes, stand out as oversized pants and coats. Neutral colors are paired up with hues of purple and blue in a pleasant way, such as in the knit turtleneck sweater with sleeves in lilac and black, or the black, white, and blue windbreaker.

The contrast of textures is seen especially in pieces like the black leather jacket with a blue and green crochet collar, also featured in the burgundy version with a blue and orange crochet detail, and the blue jacket with fluffy collar and cuffs. 


Bulky golden and silver bracelets are featured as accessories, along with matching bags, shoes, and bracelets made of a snakeskin-like pattern, colored with splashes of purple and green, for example. Square sunglasses in black and red add a modern touch to the looks, with clip-like details at the temples. 

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