Amelia Moore Drops Latest Single “Next Door”

See the latest project from the rising singer, featuring R&B heartthrob ASTN

Hypnotic, self taught singer-songwriter Amelia Moore has once again dropped a song that will stay on repeat. Featuring ASTN, the R&B-tinged duet “next door” tells the story of falling for the next door neighbor. Including cam-corder footage, and grainy shots—the video leaves you feeling nostalgic for a memory you have never experienced. 

If it wasn’t clear already, there is no losing motion for Moore. She approaches her music with a fierce commitment to total emotional transparency. Growing up in Georgia, Moore is a self taught musician—a genuine self starter. Her individual flair can be heard throughout her music, alongside her avant-garde neon orange hair—which makes just as much noise. Her authenticity demands to be heard, and her listeners are hungry for more. 

After moving to LA, Moore signed with Capitol Records in 2021. Featured as one of Apple Music’s Up Next Artist for August, Moore has accumulated over 54 million combined global streams. Her most recent album, “Teaching a Robot to Love,” delivers irresistible beats, and playful, poetic lyrics. The futuristic album brings a new originality to the genre of pop. Amelia Moore tunes you out of the external world, and into your own personal universe. There is a safety within the tracks that communicate with her listeners. Moore has created her own following based on truth and authenticity. There is no fear for the future of pop with Moore paving the way. 

 Make sure to check out Amelia Moore x Astn’s newest duet “Next Door,” produced by Pink Slip, VanRiper, and B. Lewis:

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