In celebration of the maison’s latest must-have bag release, the Parisian label has created “Le Paris Paris…in New York”, an interactive game open to everyone in honor of the new Paris Paris bag in the streets of the Big Apple.

Launching on February 23rd, 2024, the game involves finding 50 mini 3D-printed Paris Paris bags exclusively manufactured by digital artist @3DFiti. Each mini Paris Paris bag features a distinct QR code and is carefully hidden around the city for a fun competition moment.

Courtesy of AMI Paris

Ahead of “game day”, AMI will publish a video and a map revealing the first drop and its location on their social media platforms. Next, the brand will reveal all 50 locations of the Paris Paris miniatures, kicking off the bag hunt.

Once a miniature is found, the QR code must be scanned to become a winner and allow players to claim their prize. Only 5 out of the 50 QR codes will lead to a real-life Paris Paris bag. The bags will be pinned on a digital map, available for consultation on the dedicated website for this hunt.

Let the games begin, and may the odds be in your favor, mon AMI.

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