For Autumn-Winter 2023, Amiri releases its new ‘Icon’ campaign, starring legendary Brooklyn music duo Black Star’s Yasiin Bey and Talib Kweli. The Icon campaign showcases the Autumn-Winter 2023 collection – defined by fluid tailoring, artful shapes, and a fusion of ’50s and ’90s Americana.

Courtesy of Amiri

The campaign extends this season’s storyline, drawing inspiration from the intricate layers of music production and the ’90s hip-hop that shaped Mike Amiri’s, creative director and founder of the brand, upbringing in Los Angeles.

The collection embodies Black Star’s innate style, exuding a relaxed vibe and a refined downtown sensibility. They effortlessly sport a dropped shoulder car coat crafted from supple vegan leather, along with a black double-breasted brushed wool overcoat featuring a contrasting rich brown collar.

These are paired with layered sleeve dress shirts, mixed-media knitwear, or a mohair argyle cardigan, complemented by snap closure pleated pants that reinvent a 90s classic. Throughout, iconic headwear shapes—the driver hat and the paperboy cap—serve as symbols representing the collection’s essence and the cultural eras it draws inspiration.

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