Embarking on a captivating journey from Los Angeles to the south of France, Amiri curates an aspirational wardrobe infused with eclectic and expressive elements. Inspired by found fabrics and artistic impulses, they artfully customize and combine pieces to create a contemporary rhythm.

Amiri brings to life a fusion of subcultural Americana, drawing inspiration from the youth culture of the 50s and 90s. Balancing casual and classic elements, they seamlessly blend borrowed and bespoke pieces. Traditional tailoring silhouettes are revitalized and given a relaxed twist, mirroring the novelty and charm of vintage garments discovered and reinvented.

Drawing inspiration from LA’s subcultures, art studios, and ateliers, the collection showcases a variety of cropped and elongated shapes. Suit jackets exude a relaxed elegance with wide cuts and extended shoulders, while voluminous trousers evoke the laid-back style of California’s skate community. Elongated shorts feature a unique instinctive cut with an extended second lining. Embracing a deconstructed aesthetic, ties are creatively worn as belts, and shirts are half-tucked over cummerbunds, allowing for audacious yet refined self-styling options.

This season’s collection blends unconventional and traditional elements seamlessly. Leather cardigans emulate crochet knits, while patterned jackets draw inspiration from bistro chairs. Oversized plaid trousers resemble picnic blankets, and translucent tailoring reveals layered looks. Reversible jackets and colorful button embellishments add versatility and playfulness. Animated threads create pinstripe-like patterns, highlighting the fusion of refinement and rawness.

Imagination takes center stage, evoking a captivating performance. Swarovski embroidery intricately captures memories of LA, reflecting the graceful curl of Malibu’s waves. Studio remnants are skillfully crafted into exquisite leather lapel flowers. Woven hats seamlessly blend American baseball caps with the timeless allure of traditional berets. Every element exudes a tactile quality, where elegance is subtly implied rather than loudly proclaimed.

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