An Archival Study Into Rosso Valentino: Valentino Debuts Their Latest Book, “Valentino Rosso”

A unique opera delves into the personality of the infamous Rosso Valentino through the decades.

Glorious in history and of its aesthetic identity, a narrative unfolds into the vital chapter of the Maison. Grounded in the present, the connection between then and now has evolved to the creation of the masterpiece book, “Valentino Rosso,” a unique opera that explores the personality of the iconic Rosso Valentino through the decades, entirely handmade in the Valentino Atelier. Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli lives with the urgency to deliver his idea of beauty related to his time. He seeks to unravel all the nuances of the iconic color of the Maison to arrive at the conceptual conception of the Valentino Pink PP.

“This book it’s not a retrospective, not a celebration, and it’s not even a didactic guide. It’s simply the way we work. Valentino Archive is an alive and pulsing ecosystem in which all of our treasures are ready to tell their own stories when interrogated. This time we wanted to know how many red dresses we have, and how present Rosso Valentino is in all of our creations. So this book, maybe, is an answer to that question or the beginning of something more. What is sure is that none of that could have ever been possible without the incomparable genius of Mr. Valentino himself and without the work, the dedication, the perseverance and the talent of every single seamstress and tailor that transformed our ideas into reality,” shared Pierpaolo Piccioli.

Echoing Maison’s renowned color schemes, a study recognizes the most potent symbol that took the name of its creator in 1985. Leaving only the question of how many nuances of Rosso Valentino are present in the Maison archives. The answer lies in more than 550 palettes within the couture creations. Blending with the imagery, a narration pursues the evolution of the iconic color from the roots of the Maison with Valentino Garavani until the creative vision of Pierpaolo Piccioli. The creation of this unique chrome and its infinite variations up until the contemporary Valentino Pink PP. A delve into the history of artisan mastery – a love for couture and color.

Piccioli shares his study on the iconic color representative of the community of the brand, created from “Rosso,” a new volume in collaboration by luxury publisher Assouline. The new title, “Valentino Rosso,” is on sale in selected bookstores as well as on Assouline and in Assouline and Valentino Boutiques Worldwide.

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