Unexpectedly effortless and polished, Alexander McQueen’s latest collection is a cut above the rest. Inspired by the tension between structured tailoring and the elegant feminine form that defined its 1997 collection La Poupée, the British house’s slash-and-reveal approach pierces as sharply today as it did then.

This story appears in the pages of V143: now available for purchase!

Photography Nicolas Kern

Fashion Peghah Maleknejad 

Makeup Rebecca Wordingham (Bryant Artists)

Hair Sophie Jane Anderson (Future Rep)

Models Emily Driver (Storm), Shaoqi Zeng (Storm)

Set design Tobias Blackmore (The Curated)

Executive producer Giorgio Tsintoukidis (The Curated)

Casting director Julia Asaro

Digital technician Alex Gale

Photo assistants Robert Palmer, Sophie Webster

Set design assistant Kash Odedra

Senior production assistant Katie Holmes (The Curated)

Production driver Rob Higgs

Location Swanworth Quarry 

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