At Louis Vuitton, heritage is at the core of everything the luxury French giant does. Even in the subtlest of details, you’ll come to notice a nod to its history of crafting trunks with the use of a lock here or a fleur de lis there. With summer approaching, Louis Vuitton welcomes the challenge to entwine its history into yet another invention of buzz-worthy glamour. This time, it’s a set of fresh shades.

Its latest drop, however, deviates from the house’s former gramable frames. Instead, this installment signifies a shift to a more classic interpretation of luxury. There are rounded specs if you’re feeling curvaceous, and others are squared for those who veer a little more on the angular side. Whether in acetate or metal, frames are crafted with lightweight materials. Pushing comfort and wearability to the forefront of their design, the house proposes that maybe sunglasses shouldn’t be confined to selfie props. Instead, they should rise to the task of filtering out those scorching UV rays.

Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

You might be wondering what this has to do with its trunk-making heritage. Paying homage to the metal hinges frequented in its extensive repertoire, Louis Vuitton features LV engraved metal hinges adorning the temples of its latest eyewear.

Let’s talk color. Muted, neutral, and indisputably chic, the house’s latest additions to its eyewear family are shaded in with versatility as a muse. Check out its rounded frames. Classic Black, Transparent Gray, and Honey variations swirl around specs for those with an affinity for quiet luxury. These round acetate frames are available in small and medium sizes for an adapted fit.

Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

If you’re craving something a little more scandalous, scope out its squared sunglasses, where seasonal shades in Light Blue and Light Pink might just satisfy that lust for the limelight. For a more low-key look, Classic Opaque Black lacquers over these square frames, delivering a pair of go-to sunglasses for the summer. Either in single-bridge or double-bridge fits, they can be adapted for a squared or rounded fit on the nose bridge—your call.

Whether hanging out poolside, hiking to mountain peaks, or on your way to the office, Louis Vuitton’s LV Sunglasses could be the middle ground between comfort and photo-ready shades.

You can check them out starting April 27th, when Louis Vuitton’s LV Signature sunglasses will be available in Louis Vuitton stores worldwide and on its official website.

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