An Outpour of Abundance: What To Know For Today’s Lions Gate Portal 2022

On August 8th (8/8), at the peak of the galactic gate opening, speak your aspirations and watch as your manifestations transpire like never before.

Crystals: Tigers Eye, Lapis Lazuli, Honey Calcite, Citrine

Happy Lions Gate! 

On this extraordinary cosmic day of August 8th (8/8), all eyes and ears of the universe are open to listening and expanding on your manifestations. With the sun in Leo (Lion), in perfect alignment with the Earth, the star Sirius (the brightest fixed star in the sky), and Orion’s Belt, this day signifies the opening of the galactic gate. Thus, evoking an outpour of high-frequency energy allows us greater expansion and a positive opportunity for growth and manifestation. 

With the event transpiring during Leo season, the season of strength and pride, on the 8th numerology day of luck, this day helps to raise our consciousness and boost our aspirations. Some even say the 8th day has the same expansion capabilities as Jupiter! During this period, it is best to begin the day with the intention of decluttering your mind and allowing space for good to transpire. After centering on your intention, write down your manifestations and speak them aloud.

Note: Make sure to let go of them after manifesting because sometimes we can desire something so bad we begin to put pressure on the universe, which will only result in frustration and impatience. After all, creating resistance towards something will only push it farther out of your reach. That behind said, try to simply trust that the universe heard you (because it did) and let it go. 

Per ancient Egyptian astrology, the Lion’s Gate is the dawn of a new year and symbolizes the luckiest day of the year. They greatly admired the fixed star of Sirius and even began to associate this day with the personification of the agricultural goddess Sopdet and with the annual flooding of the Nile River. The Lion’s Gate portal was soon identified as the time when Sirius was the most vital and brightest in the sky, thus showering us below with spiritual energy necessary for our highest well beings. 

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