In his latest captivating campaign, Andrea Adamo draws profound inspiration from the heart of his beloved hometown, Crotone, nestled in the landscapes of southern Italy. With the radiant presence of model Grace Elizabeth gracing the collection, the essence of Crotone’s beauty infuses each piece.

“‘Downtown 84’ is a tribute to my origins, to Crotone, the town where I was born and which to me means family, affection, home,” says Adamo in a statement. “As a boy, holding my head high as I walked through the center of Crotone as if I were in a district of a megalopolis, I was unconsciously beginning to fight against prejudice and common preconceptions in order to be who I wanted to be.”

This collection is a nostalgic ode to Adamo’s childhood. The cracks etched into the clay hills of Crotone now find new life in mesmerizing jacquard adorning black and white knitwear, and in intriguing crackled effect on leather.

The collection’s colors of gray and yellow remind Adamo of his childhood and of his grandmother’s love for sunflowers. Raw tailoring with hanging panels meets denim with lively godets. Shiny black leather, in reptile or metallic textures, is elegantly cinched by drawstrings on outerwear, skirts, and jumpsuits. Coats and maxi hooded sweatshirts showcase the plush fur stitch and tulle gracefully envelops knitwear and accessories, adding an ethereal touch.

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